Saturday, July 4, 2009

"Charley's First Hair Cut AND First Broken Bone"


papanananagel said...

Beautiful Charlize! What a fun thing to be able to watch your first granddaughter grow up into such a beautiful young lady. You have such a sweet smile even though I know you were in pain when the pictures were taken. I love you and will be praying for your quick healing. Nana

Joia said...

BEAUTIFUL Charley girl! are stunning! Sorry about your wrist, but everytime it hurts, just focus on how beautiful you are! Love you forever!
Aunt Joia

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful girl and gorgeous head of hair (it looks sooo red in these pics) charley, you are a brave strong lil old cast gets you down.....A. Judy

Anonymous said...

Charlie you look beautiful!!! And your hair cut really makes you look so grown up! Of course I wish I could be there to hold you when you are hurting but I am praying the pain will go away and you will heal quickly.
Love you sweetie
Gram r

Lindsay said...

Charley you look gorgeous! Nice job on the hair Jose! And sorry about your broken bone:(